Meet The Team

Paul Jurczyk (CEO): Now 28-years-old, I studied at Baruch College, in Manhattan, graduating with a bachelor’s in literature and philosophy. After graduating, I went into the service industry. I managed a couple of restaurants, and even owned my own for a few years. After closing up the restaurant (due to issues with the landlord), I’ve been making a living off of a combination of blogging and project management — so, this technically isn’t my first tech startup. Other than running my own projects, I also do some consulting for tech startups & blogs, as well as some basic WordPress website dev work on the side.


Tribal Ventures (Board of Advisors): Tribal Ventures is an early stage investment firm with an entrepreneur-first approach. Being a highly selective firm, making few investments and playing a more active role than your average VC, they leverage their experience and industry connections to help portfolio companies scale.


Bedouin (Development): Bedouin is a concierge strategy think tank, composed of a collective mindset of cultural experiences, values, mathematics, and design, based in Toronto, Canada. They craft experiences that help brands stand out. Bedouin is designing and building the Bandy App. After launch, they will be staying onboard as our CTO.